In house capability exists to test a large range of aircraft and ground components. We have an inventory of test stands that can provide testing for tension, pressure, flow, balance, shear, as well as a host of other parameters.

Testing Services for Government Repair Facilities:

Although testing capabilities at Texas Aerospace Services were developed as an integral part of our repair and overhaul operations, we have successfully completed numerous Department of Defense contracts that were for testing only. Initially, these testing contracts were in support of the repair facilities at Kelly AFB, Tinker AFB, and Hill AFB. The items subjected to testing included fuel components and actuator assemblies.

Testing Services for O.E.M.:

Texas Aerospace Services has successfully completed and is currently under contract to perform final acceptance testing of newly manufactured aircraft fuel components for the original manufacturers of fuel flow transmitters, flow sensors, and numerous valves. We are also performing functional testing for repaired/ overhauled for some of these components.

Investigation Services:

Texas Aerospace Services has been engaged by the Department of Defense to perform 3rd party testing of fuel components and actuator systems to assist in investigations of these aircraft components. We are proud to have been chosen by Air Force engineers to perform this critical function.


  • Multi-station and Multi-component simultaneous fuel testing
  • Fuel flows in excess of 12,000 PPM and 1750 GPM +/-1%
  • Dynamic fuel flow testing to 160 PSIG
  • Hydraulic pressures to 6500 PSIG, flows to 75 GPM@5000PSI
  • Screw Actuators up to 8 feet, loading to 10,000 LBF in Tension/Compression
  • Cablew/Winch Testing to 16,000LBF
  • Vacuum proofing to 10 Microns
  • Air Flows to 85 SCFM
  • Dynamometer loading 1 oz-in to 250 ft-lb
  • Tension/Compression loading to 60,000 LBF
  • N2 Pressures to 2000PSIG
  • Electrical troubleshooting to base component level
  • Electrical support for all aircraft power  DC, 60Hz, 400Hz sources 1 to 3 Phases
  • Electrical test of aircraft generators